What Do You Do With a Pile of Misfits?

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You breathe new life into them with a cohesive new look using a little paint and imagination, right?

I had these items just stored out on the back porch. I know, I know, the porch is not a storage unit. I hear it from my hubby all the time. And while I am trying to change my ways, projects still end up on the back porch. I guess I think that if they are sitting there, right in my line of sight I will work on them and finish them up sooner. However, not so much the case. So in an effort to rid my porch of the project hoard, I tackled these four misfits and brought them together in sweet union.

You see my little grandson would soon need his own table and chairs where he could read and draw and play. He also needed a nice shelf to store all his books and toys he was beginning to collect. So as I searched my collection I found these pieces that would work perfectly in his room, they just needed a little TLC, okay a LOT of TLC.

I knew I needed a paint that was safe for little ones, just in case he decided the legs of the table looked tasty, so I chose a paint line called Rescue and Restore by A Maker's Studio. Let's face it these pieces definitely needed rescuing and restoring! This paint is in my current list of favorites because it is certified "green,” water-based, and contains no VOCs. It also has an amazing scent created by essential oils formulated into the mix.

I decided to keep the colors neutral and complimentary to his nursery decor. So I choose Little Black Dress and Blessed paint colors by A Maker's Studio. I also chose a stencil to use on the top of the table to create a fun and interesting pattern to perhaps spark his imagination and creativity. 

But first, before the good part, these pieces needed to be stripped, and stripped and stripped. YUCK! I hate this part but it had to be done. Even though the Rescue and Restore paint line does not require much prep at all, I had let the pieces sit out and get dirty, plus I was unsure as to what type of paint was already on them so I thought it best to remove it all. Whew! that was a long process.

Now that the stripping was done I got to the good part! Painting! I painted the table top with a base coat of Blessed. I painted the chairs, legs of the table and bookshelf with 2 coats of Little Black Dress

Once the paint had dried for a few days. I applied a stencil that Bethany created and painted the design in Little Black Dress.

I distressed it just a little by lightly sanding the top of the table. I decided not to distress the legs, chairs, or bookshelf. Just a little distressing to the top of the  table to soften the stenciled design.

Then when I was happy with the finished look I sealed everything.

Now my little guy has a place to read and play. I hope this furniture gets passed along to many other grand babies! Keep 'em coming!

 Just in case you need it, here is a supply list:

1. Blessed paint color by A Maker's Studio available here but you could also use Linen by Rethunk Junk Paint available here

2. Little Black Dress paint color by A Maker's Studio available here but you could also use Midnight by Rethunk Junk Paint available here

3. Custom stencil

4. Paint Stripper, I used this by The Real Milk Paint Co.

5. Sand paper

6. Brushes 


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