Trash to Treasure, this Transformation will Amaze You!

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You know how I told you I basically have a storage unit of "projects" sitting around (mostly on my porch)?And how that drives my hubby mad? Well, to him it all looks like trash. But one person's trash is another one's treasure, right? To me, most of it is treasure and maybe just a little bit of trash. So the challenge continues, finish up all the projects and clean off our porch.

This week I did just that with one more rescued treasure, a dusty old foot stool/storage piece. Now this little gem was purchased several years ago. I don't even remember where or when or what for. I must have thought it was cute at the time. It has been shuffled from one room to the next and finally out to the porch. I probably thought I would include it in a yard sale but for whatever reason, probably because I never had that yard sale, it stayed. Tucked away, a diamond in the rough.

This stool was so dusty and obviously neglected, but overall still in pretty good shape.

It looked like an easy enough project to tackle and I began to imagine what it could become. I love the wicker look and thought the perfect color for wicker is white. This gave me an opportunity to put one of my new favorite paint lines, Rethunk Junk, to work. I chose the paint color Snowy Day. As my plans for this little stool grew, I decided that the feet needed to be a weathered driftwood color. I knew I was going to have to strip them, YUCK!, but with my go to paint remover by The Real Milk Paint Co. I knew it wouldn't be that bad. Finally, I would finish off the feet with Warm Stone Wash by Rethunk Junk. And so it was decided, white wicker and driftwood, what a beautiful combination, and just perfect for my beach house. Now, I don't own a beach house yet (that is another story to come) but when I do it will look perfect in it.

Now that I had a vision for this little stool it was time to begin with the dirty work! First step. Clean, clean, and clean some more. When I tell you this thing was dirty, I mean it! And there is nothing worse than dirty wicker, with all those little grooves for dust and grime to settle in. Cleaning this piece was a challenge but I used Rethunk Junk, The Prep and it cleaned up nicely. The The Prep is the first step to painting anything with Rethunk Junk Paint. You just spray and wipe off. No need to rinse. This stuff is amazing!

Now I know even after the cleaning it still looks worn out and tired. But at least it was now clean!

After cleaning my stool, I removed the little bun feet. I knew they were going to need to be stripped as they were not the color of driftwood. So I soaked them in a paint remover and then used denatured alcohol to clean off the residue. I realized that after stripping the stain off they still were not the color I wanted. So I bleached them. I had been wanting to try a bleaching technique with wood and this was my perfect opportunity. They were small and it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't turn out quite right. To bleach, I just soaked them in a bowl with bleach diluted with water. I actually soaked them outside in the sun. Here they are before and after, all clean and ready to be stained.

Next step was to paint the stool with the beautiful white Snowy Day by Rethunk Junk paint by Laura. I LOVE Rethunk Junk paint. The thing is though, you need to use it properly. With this paint you want to apply the first coat not too thick. It will look "horrible" to some people, but an ugly yet even first coat is the perfect first coat in the Rethunk Junk world of paint.

I told you first coat will look "horrible" but when using Rethunk Junk paint, this is considered a perfect first coat.

After the first coat, I did a second and third. It was challenging because wicker has all the woven grooves of the design and I had to be careful to get in there and really cover it. Despite painting three coats, I used very little paint. While my paint was drying I began work on the feet. I applied a couple coats of Rethunk Junk Warm Stone Wash for the perfect driftwood color. The Rethunk Junk Warm Stone Wash is actually a Wax Alternative Sealer Hardener, hence the name W.A.S.H. And this was perfect for what I needed for this project.

Well, my stool was all finished and I absolutely loved the way it turned out. Simple coastal style perfect for a beach house. Yet, I felt as though it needed a little something extra to give it a special touch. I thought about adding a decoupage paper to the inside of the lid. But I couldn't find what I had in mind. Ah-ha! I had an idea, and I can not wait to show you how it came out! Here is a quick video of the process. Finish reading to see the final project, it turned out amazing if I do say so myself.



And here it is, the work of art I created out of "trash"! Let me know what you think by commenting and following our blog.

Here is a list of the supplies I used and links to our website if you would like to purchase them.

Well, this project did take some time and had a few steps to it, however, I could not be more pleased with how it turned out! Thanks for joining me in this journey.


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